How to purchase a firearm

Purchasing a Firearm from

  1. Select the firearm you wish to purchase.
  2. Click and complete the Enquiry Form.
  3. We will contact you and arrange to put the firearm in storage and forward the relevant FCA1 Firearms application to you along with a receipt by post.
  4. It is then your responsibility to complete the FCA1 and apply to the department of justice through your local Garda station for a firearms licence. Details and Application forms available on
  5. Once you have been approved and receive your firearms licence you should contact Bawnboy Firearms to arrange collection. All firearms must be collected in person with a valid firearms licence and a photo ID stating your name and address.

Trade in your current firearm

Bawnboy Firearms take “trade in’s” as part exchange for another firearm. If you would like your current gun to be part of a trade in deal then please bring your firearm to us for a valuation in advance of purchase.